My 7 tips for great food photos on the go

W While your friends are showing great food photos of their foie gras coffees and steaks on Facebook and Instagram, do your photos look more like, say, gray dog ​​food? I know. For quite a while I got pretty sick about my mobile phone pictures on the way. And then I approached the topic of food step by step. Now I am usually quite satisfied with my results and automatically know which mistakes I do not better and in what persepectives food just looks the best.

So you can now upload really delicious photos, there is here my 7 tips for better food photos on the go. Maybe there is also a tip for you, which makes your food photos on Facebook or Instagram look a bit more delicious now!

7 tips for great food photos on the move

My 7 tips for great food photos on the move

Common Mistake: Too large plates and portions. The whole looks in the photo usually clumsy and strange. Better to take a small plate or a small container with a small portion of food - fits better into the format, looks more attractive and appetizing.

The three perspectives that make food always look good:
Bird's eye view - photographed vertically from above on the plate
Sitting perspective - as if you are sitting at the table looking at your plate
Tabletop perspective - just before eating at the height of the table top

Essen looks best in daylight. Always. In this case, a partial shade works best, blazing sun is to be avoided. If you need to shoot with artificial light, you can reduce the yellow or blue cast with a photo filter or the so-called white balance in a photo app.

If If you are out and about, you can look for a concrete or wooden background. Girls can also look great in their hands with painted fingernails (the red-thumb trick). Lawn, sand or other natural surfaces are often unappetizing. Then prefer a small blanket, a napkin or simply a jacket inferior.

In particular, salad leaves do not completely mix with the dressing and then serve. The salad quickly falls through the dressing and looks slippery. It is better to arrange leaves and vegetables first and then drizzle the dressing (for example from a small bottle) over it. Finally, place individual toppings (kernels, cherry tomatoes, croutons, etc.) on top of the salad.

Oily thumb marks or food on the edge of a plate make the most beautiful Photo broken. Most of the time, of course, they are only noticeable on the finished photo. So check it out beforehand and remove it with a paper towel or handkerchief. Individual, deliberately set speckles Sauce or dressing or crumbs around the actual food, on the other hand, are great because they make the food less perfect and therefore tastier.

No question - a filter can make the photo look even better. There are quite different apps on the smartphone. But beware - do not fall into the filter rush! The food works best when it looks natural. Over-tightened colors and contrasts are more daunting than delicious. What is always appropriate for social media channels: Strengthen the brightness and turn a touch of contrast.By the way: Here you can find me on Facebook and Instagram. Do we see each other?