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Joe M.

I'm giving this joint 4 stars instead of the 5 stars it deserves because our server said the burgers "come with" fries, tots, or onion rings, if you look closely at the menu those are added items and they're not complimentary as our server implied. With that said, their burgers are delicious and cooked perfectly to your liking. Their fries are seasoned to perfection, crunchy texture on the outside and soft on the inside, you could order a basket of fries and be totally satisfied. The onion rings are delicious as well and can be cooked extra crunchy if you like. The service was good, the view is phenomenal, the washrooms are more like washrooms at the beach, they are in a separate building a few feet from the Tiki Bar. We enjoyed this place tremendously and from now on we know what to expect. This Tiki Bar is a hidden gem, well worth finding out!


Jessica B.

If all you are looking for is the standard beer and drinks, they will likely have it. Don't expect anything "craft" here. It is a nice quiet location right on the lake and it is tucked behind the inn, so if you don't know it's there you will likely miss it.The bar itself could use some definite decor updates and general clean-up. Everything is standard bar fare - burgers and fries, Bud and Michelob. Drinks are served in plastic cups. If it's hot outside, it's going to be hot here too because it's outside of course. Most of the seating is covered if you are up at the bar, some of the dock seating is covered by umbrellas depending on the time of day. Unfortunately, smoking is allowed outside, so if you like your food without the stench of cigarettes, this is not the place for you.


William H.

Ordered the fish and a burger with tots and fries, great food.  Unfortunately what makes this place so nice is also it's downfall.  The entire facility is outdoors and because of how the stagger the tables only 30% of the entire place has shade.  With no shade it's nearly unbearable for the average Joe.


Jane D.

First time here I had decent service while at a table . The wings were big  and tasty! I left satisfied and happy! Fast forward a few months.. Me and a boyfriend sat at the bar. We Were there for 15 mins, never acknowledged. We even tried to speak to both bartenders they acted like they didn't hear us. All we wanted was for them to acknowledge that we are at their bar for service. 10 mins later we grab the bartenders attention while he was rushing to serve the couple next to us, ( who also didn't appreciate the non existent service ) and told him we are now leaving! We didn't feel bad about it either, neither did they.


Dylanie B.

If your looking for a great lunch while out on the lake for the day or even a place to watch the sunset over the water this is the place to go!


Raymond K.

The owner of Lake Minneola inn also manages the Tiki bar.It is the happening spot in the area.Lots of locals.We arrived at the inn around 330pm.and headed straight to the bar after check in.I took a star off because when I think of a Tiki bar,I'm thinking vacation, drinking a pina colada,and munching on some conch fritters or fried calamari. Unfortunately for me they serve only beer and wine,and pretty much basic bar menu.Outside tables only,bar stools around the bar,weather was perfect.The food we ordered was outstanding,burgers and wings,were cooked perfect,quick service and very pleasant servers.I like my onion rings thick,and these rings did not disappoint.But the main reason to  visit the bar is to see the sunset over the lake.Everybody takes their phones out and takes pictures.It was a beautiful sunset,and we got lucky and actually made it in time to see it again the next night.Met someone from as far away as England,one local said to me,never gets old.The tiki bar was one reason why I decided to stay at lake minneola inn,figured it would be a nice first night ,and did not have to drive home.If your in the area around sunset,its a must stop. my only suggestion would be not to wear a NY Rangers jacket.Some of the locals may stare a little,and wonder ,what the heck is a NY Ranger?


Jeannie M.

I've loved this place since we found it after a wine event nearby. drafts while you have bar n grill food watching the sun set over Lake Mineola...how can you beat that? You can't. It's one of my favs and about 30-40 minutes from Disney or Downtown Orlando.


Jane M.

Tasty  AND served with pleasant charm. Quiet lakeside outdoor lunch spot-one customer entertained us with his black lab's aquatic abilities... food prep was perfect-burgers, 'tots', tuna blackened, all yummy; fries  are outstanding and I don't really eat them often!


Carrie R.

Great food (burgers, sandwiches, finger foods, etc.) and super friendly staff. No full bar (tap/bottle beer, cider & wine) but the atmosphere and view make up for that and beyond.


Yvonne L.

Gotta give this spot 5 stars on appearance of food alone. I mean impeccable plate and the onion I mean you really just gotta come in try it for yourself.... IJS


Valerie S.

This little local little gem is tucked away behind what looks like someone's house.  The bar and grille are nestled on the banks of Lake Minneola.  The menu is basic, fish and chips, burgers and hot dogs  The drinks are served in a can or bottle.  I ordered the burger and it was delicious! I tried the fish and it was yummy too.  If you are in town you need to try this little spot.  I'm from CA and reading others reviews about smoke was common in FL.  So I chalked it up to being an "out of towner"  My sunset was fantastic and I got over the smoke just for that reason.


Walter O.

It's a small place, tucked behind a large house/hotel in a neighborhood.  You won't see it from the road.  Parking is in a gravel lot and you have to walk through some trees along a path to get there.  It is right on the water and the view of the lake is gorgeous.  The bar itself is not.It's more of a shack which is kind of cool, fairly small.  Maybe the size of 2 food trucks.  There is a bar that runs on 3 sides of the shack and allows for make 20 patrons.  There is also some patio furniture seating out on a dock. There is no indoor seating, so it can get hot.The menu is normal bar food and the beer selection is basic (bud, etc). The service staff was great, quick, and friendly.  The vibe isn't really Tiki and I don't think there was any hard liquor. It's prolly a great spot for locals to hang out, but not worth a drive.


Emmie D.

We had a large family group to accommodate, and even though there are no reservations, they accommodated our group of 15 without an issue. It was a beautiful day on the lake and we all felt so comfortable and welcome, even though we got a little boisterous!! Great food and service. Thanks for the great memories we were able to create. Cousins Rule!!!


Matt M.

When I moved out this direction years ago I was told to come here.  Stayed away due to the reviews and mainly because I thought I'd driven by and never seen the place.  With my mother, wife, and kids in tow last week, we decided to try and find it finally.  Big mistake.First off, don't ever bring young kids here.  Never.  It's for grown ups that don't need a fence around every body of water.  Had to watch the 1.5 year old like a hawk.  Speaking of hawk, maybe it was that that left 1/2 a squirrel over by the picnic table we sat at.So, since it was a busy evening, we opted to sit at a picnic table away from the dining area because it was more stable and our young kids can't sit in plastic chairs without knocking them over.  We ordered at the bar just as a few tables were seated (we're always looking at this kind of thing).  Both tables were well through their meals before our "to go" orders were ready.  Crap service there.Got some burgers and wings and chicken fingers.First thought: WTF is up with the pricing?   burgers and for onion rings at a dive?  Pass.Burgers: NOT cooked to order and zero seasoning.  A dry hunk of meat instead of medium.Wings: good, just ridiculously overpricedChicken Fingers: tasted & smelled very fishy, like they'd been rolling fish in the same batter or frying in dirty oilTots & onion rings: just fineSlow service and overpriced, not tasty food that I could heat up at home.  Pass.


Ed H.

This is a staple for our yearly Florida trips! Great place to grab some food, drinks and relax in the lake.


Ronnie S.

I found this place through Yelp. It's a great little spot on the correct side of a huge lake for a world class sunset. Of course, it wasn't a good day for that. I regret to inform you this is, by my definition NOT a Tiki bar! We certainly enjoyed ourselves but I was in the freezing north east yesterday and the thought of a few Mai Tais and some local seafood while watching a sunset was enticing after 24 hours in the car. The marathon drive left us a bit discombobulated. I figured some tropical flair was the answer. Maybe it was, but this could be the only Tiki bar without a trace of coconut sourced alcoholic beverages! The idea that I wasn't getting the Tiki part of the Tiki bar experience has left a mark!Food was good. Service was good. View was good. Calling this quaint little lakeside bar a Tiki bar is just wrong.


Bill L.

We always like to try the places off the beaten path a little and my buddy had been here previously and thought we'd like it. In town for the Leesburg Bike Fest, we wanted to escape the crowds for a bit and grab a bite to eat.I was less than excited to find a gravel driveway (not very biker friendly) but I navigated my way thru and we found a shady spot on the grass out back. Located right on lake Minneola we were pleased to find the tables all situated right on the edge of the lake. We ran into another couple from Ft Lauderdale that we met at the rally and decided to take my buddy's advice on this place, that was kind of cool. My buddy recommended the burgers so that was good enough for me. Wifey got a hamburger and was lucky enough to get it medium rare. I went with a cheeseburger and had them add bacon. Out other friends ordered burgers as well/Wait times weren't bad and the food when it came out was delicious. The breeze off the lake made our lunch experience an excellent one and we'd definitely repeat  next time we're in the area.


Loura W.

We have been going to the Tiki bar for a couple years. On our recent visit the waitress was rude. It was terrible serves. Food was okay but for those of you looking for a nice patio to sit with your dog, this is NOT A PET FRIENDLY location. So go to Lillys on the Lake better food and nicer people. ;)


Danielle S.

Beautiful views close to home! Great grouper tenders and wings.  Tator-Tots yummy too!!!  Cold beer . Service was okay-not great but not terrible.  Note-smoking is permitted and there were a lot of smokers.  It is outside but you can smell it if you are a non-smoker.


J K.

We used to love this place and it would be a destination to take our Northern visitors but the last 3 times we were there the food was horrible. Grilled chicken breast sandwich was dry and over cooked. Onion rings were swimming in grease. Husband ordered the hot dog with chili on the side and it came with practically a can of beans poured over the dog looking like a soggy mess. Something is going on with this place that maybe management or owners don't know but it's going downhill fast on a toboggan!! Sorry but really used to brag about this place and now I am embarrassed.

Lake Minneola Inn and Tiki Bar