{Mega Soulfood} Grilled Cheese Sandwich "Spag Bol"

M ache Ideas are so good, and yet so simple, that you can not believe it, not to have thought of it yourself ages ago. Ladies and Gentlemen, dear children - hold on tight: we're talking about the culmination of carbohydrate creation: a hot, juicy grilled cheese sandwich with the best of all fillings ... spaghetti bolognese.

Is anyone just spontaneously in there? Blacked out? Understandable. There is nothing to whitewash and nutrition-physiologically one can argue here also very difficult. Pasta on toast with meat sauce and cheese - well. BUT (a pretty big one though!) It's just amazingly delicious and incredibly satisfying. Here come two fantastic things together: melted cheese and childhood bolo. The boys are just more than pleased with our rediscovery and get square eyes at every opportunity.

Tailor from the Grilled Cheese Wonderland. I think it is very pleasing in such matters to be able to reject all guilt and point one's finger at someone else. In this case, Dr. med. Cutter. On the other hand, we just bought one of these Spag Bols on St. Pauli. Actually just to try.

Happy anniversary Celine Dion! It's been quite a year.Photo: Julia-Rosa Reis

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And then we squatted on the rickety beer set and let the sandwich circle. Just bite off a small haps quickly - then the remaining hands of the nuclear family stretched out very energetically after the hot cuddly.

So if you happen to not know what to do with a rest of spaghetti bolognese at home start - do not throw it away. Pack it between two slices of bread, layer strong cheese on top and glide gently into the Grilled Cheese Wonderland. Of course, if there's no rest, you can of course also cook a delicious, vegetable-rich bolo based on this recipe.

For more first-class Grilled Cheese treatments by Dr. Ing. Schneider looks past her Facebook page. You can easily find the current locations of the Pink Wonder (not only in HH). And now everyone: SPAG BOL!

{Soul Food} Grilled Cheese Sandwich {Soul Food} Grilled Cheese Sandwich {Mega Soulfood} Grilled Cheese Sandwich "Spag Bol"

Here comes the recipe for a gorgeous Grilled Cheese "Spag Bol" sandwiches

Ingredients for 2 sandwiches: 4 large slices of toasted bread (or white bread)
1 tablespoon butter
150 g of strong grated cheese
(eg, old Gouda, cheddar, mountain cheese)
1 spaghetti bolognese from
Day before (about 200g)

or fresh cooked spaghetti and sauce according to this recipe

And so Geht's :

Preheat a sandwich maker * or contact grill * with ribbed plates. (* Link Amazon Affiliate Program - I use both and I highly recommend them.)

Lightly butter the bread on each side.Place the second slice with the buttered side outwards. Repeat with the rest of the ingredients.

Grill the sandwiches on the sandwich toaster or grill for about 8 minutes, until the bread has brown stripes and the cheese has run nicely.

Before serving halve with a sharp knife. If you like a refreshing little green (alibi) salad is enough.

{Soul Food } Grilled Cheese Sandwich