Homemade 5 minute garlic croutons from the Airfryer - low fat and super easy.

D hey guys are all into garlic croutons. Almost all green salads (mon dieu!) And vegetable soups are suddenly welcomed and stormy welcomed, if on top of that only enough crispy microcubes are piling up. Hm. Gladly brings the man therefore also finished croutons from the supermarket. I consider the whole thing with very mixed feelings. First of all, it seems strange to me to buy roasted bread cubes extra in a lot of packaging. And second, the little things are also very nutritious with all the fat in there. But ok ... man mothers can not really make every thing a family building site right now, alright. So: Truce between me and the finished garlic things.

Unfortunately, the peace did not last long - because I have read (rather accidentally) the fine print on the pack. Actually, I had my old-age myopia glasses (charming optician's O-tone) for other reasons. But then I had pack in hand ... and read the ingredients in font size 5. In addition to tons of cheap palm oil, which I avoid for environmental reasons like the devil's holy water, were also equal to the nasty mates flavors and flavor enhancers in rough amounts with board. Ok, finished croutons - that's it for you. You have to go.

Ever since the man gave me an airfryer aka hot air fryer * for my birthday, things in our house are almost whirring in constant operation. Potato wedges and fries made from fresh potatoes, fish fingers, bread and rolls - all comes recently in the basket and a few minutes later hot, low-fat and crisp on the table. So why not garlic croutons?!

An old baguette and 5 minutes later they were there: my homemade garlic croutons from the airfryer. Here are the unbeatable benefits:

  1. great residual waste for older, dry bread
  2. full control over ingredients
  3. less fat than finished products or in the pan fried specimens
  4. ready in 5 minutes
  5. very little energy expenditure compared to preparation in the oven
  6. is also worthwhile in small quantities
  7. total creative freedom

I'm thrilled - especially because it's so darn simple! (Almost one thinks already, if one can post that as really recipe). You can make the croutons from any lighter bread that is lying around and has to go. I prefer to make them from Ciabatta and then cut larger cubes. Also try different spices or herbs. Or enjoy them as extra large croutons with Fromage Fort - the Crouton Wonderland is waiting for you!

Have it tasty! ღ

Selected 5-minute garlic croutons from the airfryer - low-fat and quickly finished | GourmetGuerilla.comSelected 5-minute garlic croutons from the airfryer - low-fat and quickly finished | GourmetGuerilla.com

And here comes the recipe for homemade 5 minute garlic croutons from the airfryer (aka hot air fryer)

Adds for 4 servings:

1 larger piece of ciabatta
(or 4 slices of sandwich toast or other pale bread of your choice)
2 EL olive oil
1-2 cloves of garlic and a pinch of salt

And this is how it works:

Dice the bread with a sharp knife.

Press the garlic cloves into the olive oil, add the salt and stir well

Spread the oil over a large area on a plate and spread the bread cubes in one layer. Turn carefully until the seasoning oil is completely absorbed.

The bread cubes in the Airfryer aka Heißluftfritteuse at 180 degreesShake it halfway through the time.

Let the croutons cool off and serve directly on soups, salads, pasta or other favorite food. Or allow to cool completely and store in a can for several days until consumption.

I like bigger, just bite-sized croutons. But of course you can choose the size according to your preference. But very small croutons definitely need less time in the airfryer.

The seasoning oil can be varied with different spices (with or without garlic). Just give it a try!

Selected 5-minute garlic croutons from the airfryer - low-fat and quickly finished | GourmetGuerilla.de

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