{Short trip} Edinburgh - my love! My tips for culture, shopping and delicious food in one of the best cities in the world.

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W he one is spontaneously in love with Edinburgh? You pack one or two of your favorite people, a pair of flat shoes and a visor, and then you go into the fray. That's exactly how Nic of Luzia Pimpinella and I did that on the penultimate weekend in the Scottish capital. And it worked really well - great everlasting Edinburgh!

Actually, we were on site as a space tourist in a professional mission. For the furnishing and DYI blog OTTO Roombeez, we did a living reportage on an incredibly well-designed apartment in an old Edinburgh townhouse. The wild style mix with (flea market) furniture and home accessories from the 30's to today has totally inspired and inspired us. If you fancy the whole story with inspiration and tips, then click over later.

But now it's time to jump into the bustling life of Edinburgh. Here are our best impressions, recommendations and lots of delicious tips:

If you're a Edinburgh beginner, It's best to start right in the heart of the bustling city: via the North Bridge with its magnificent view of the historic parts of Edinburgh, turn right up the High Street towards Burgberg. The High Street is a wonderful mix of relaxed strolling, people-watching, really nice (tourist) shops, imposing churches and Gregorian buildings.

The is especially fun Street artists and musicians who earn their bread here in every weather! Very important: If you want to take a picture, you should throw a coin in your hats and tins afterwards - the people will eventually work there and have very unique and sometimes very elaborate shows, costumes and installations.

In this illustrious society, the Bronze Monument to Hume is far from guaranteed. David Hume lived in the 18th century, was a philosopher, economist and historian and one of the most significant representatives of the Scottish Enlightenment. To rub on his toe is supposed to bring good luck - and in fact hardly anyone passes the statue without at least touching the toe for a short time. In this Instagram video, there's a sneak peek of the toe ritual.

The famous tartan pattern or plaid shines from almost every shop window whether on biscuit packaging, traditional haggis (stuffed innards and cereal stuffed sheep), or on coats, bags, cloths and - of course! - Plaids and kilts. Even if you are not an addicted fan of the series Outlander * (* Link Amazon Affiliate Program), you can not escape the fascination of the tartan after a short time and have to shop.Below you will find out what happened to me. If you're curious about Nic's favorite Edinburgh outfit, hurry over to her. With The Cambridge Satchel Company tweet cap and bag

she just looks amazing!

I love bagpipers . I just can not help it ... these white leggings make me weak. Especially when worn by a handsome gentleman with a hipster beard and a tunnel earring. In addition, the sound of the bagpipes simply fits great with the defiant, gray and mostly austere sandstone facades. Since a backflash seems to be a long time ago only a stone (throw) away.

As you continue up the high street, you will reach the Lawnmarket , then the Royal Mile and finally the Castle Hill . Up here, the Castle Rock is home to one of Scotland's premier landmarks: Edinburgh Castle.

The Castle Hill was created 360 million years ago from a volcanic crater and was already in the 7th century .ch. populated. Over the centuries, fortifications were erected, fought, destroyed, rebuilt and expanded over and over again. The oldest surviving building, St. Margret's Chapel, dates back to the 12th century. The Edinburgh Castle contains many exciting and legendary landmarks, such as the " Stone ob Scone or the One O'Clock Gun. As the castle hill is 80 meters above the city, the view alone is worth seeing.

If you would like to visit the castle, it is best to order tickets online . If you spontaneously decide to visit, you may have to take longer waiting times. In any case, you should book the audio tour , which is available in various languages. The whole thing is very exciting for children and all parts of the Edinburgh Castles are family-friendly.

The world-famous Military Tattoo takes place in the impressive construction of the stands on the forecourt of the castle every year - the largest Scottish music festival.Here are a few small, nice restaurant. where to relax.

We ate delicious and uncomplicated at Toro Loco - a small Mexican fast food restaurant with picturesque decor, delicious tacos, burritos and bowls and fancy beers.

El Toro Loco, 60 Grassmarket, Edinburgh, EH12JR, www.toroloco.co.uk

Strengthened with delicious Chicken Poblano and with a slight mica of Mexican beer, it continues to a real Edinburgh Institution: W. Armstrong & Son is Britain's largest and most incredible vintage store, where you could probably spend a whole day browsing, discovering, trying on and - sure - buying. Dress. Footwear, handbags and accessories from all decades are forming an impressive range - also for men, by the way.

85 Grassmarket, Old Town, Edinburgh EH1 2HJ, United Kingdom, www.armstrongsvintage.co.uk/

Direct opposite, Victoria Street begins with its colorful buildings and many little different shops. One of the two branches of Oink , Edinburgh's famous fast food mini-chain, can be found here. Core competency: Scottish Hog Roast - also known as Pulled Pork. The two brothers Adam Marshall and Sandy Pate invented this concept of delicious fast food just a few years ago with homemade and natural ingredients - and thus landed a real hit. A must for pull-pork fans.

Oink Grassmarket, 34 Victoria Street, Edinburgh EH1 2JW, www.oinkhogroast.co.uk

If you walk up Victoria Street and turn left onto the George IV Bridge you will come back to the High street. It is definitely worth exploring the little alleys, courtyards and streets that go left and right of the big streets. In this part of Edinburgh, buildings have been overbuilt up to three times in the last few centuries, so that in a small narrow corridor, just five meters away from the bustle of life, you suddenly feel transported back to a different era.Here you can sit nicely inside or outside and, for example, wait for gentlemen to pass in tartan skirts.

63A Cockburn St, Old Town, Edinburgh EH1 1BS, United Kingdom

In addition, Keep throwing greedy looks into the showcase of Miss Katie Cupcake - a haven for offbeat jewelery, decorative vintage clothing and accessories .

52 Cockburn St , Old Town, Edinburgh EH1 1PB

A tip among freaks: Flat and comfortable shoes are a must in Edinburgh Edinburgh has been built on the famous Scottish rolling hills , which - shaped by the glaciers during the Ice Age - gently and clearly roll up and down, which means that you can make quite a difference in altitude during your stroll through the city Paired loafers are just the thing - and are commented by Scottish gentlemen with compliments Nic Nic was twice very charming addressed to her English shoes and I was very happy with my PVC Bömmel shoes. (And also of it that my hairstyle has been praised by strangers in a friendly way, the Edinburgh people just love it.)

An absolute find of fortune: on leaving the castle hill, a menu enticed us at the entrance to a small, dark street, at the end of which it shone bright and green. After a short hesitation, we dare to slip in and were rewarded with a delightful little courtyard in the midst of a defiant, old, fortified building ivy entwines the crooked roofs and old walls, candles flickered in lanterns we are) a tourist trap.For 35.00 € you can choose from three different courses with meat, fish or even vegetarian options. Although the guest room with the many dark wood, the old standard on the ceiling and all the sparkling glass and silver radiates a very distinguished atmosphere, we felt completely comfortable and relaxed. The staff was very relaxed and kindly and courteous.

Overall, the guests here are mixed - tourists from all over the world and Edinburgh eat here side by side. The clothing style is correspondingly diverse. If you do not show up in a sweatpants, you can be casually dressed at noon and still feel good. However, you should take into account that the waiter placed the cloth napkin on your lap and the ritual of tasting wine is carried out very conscientiously.

We had three fantastic aisles that were interpreted in a modern way without frills and bells and whistles brought a small, fresh feature. We will remember for a very long time the main course with buttered beef rib in a dazzling red wine sauce with steamed pakchoi and pickled radish - it was definitely the best meat I have eaten in a long time. It literally zipped in!

Castlehill, The Royal Mile, Edinburgh EH1 2NF, thewitchery.com

After one In the evening, it is also possible to enjoy luxurious food in an upscale setting be a contrast program. I'm a big fan of the typical English neighborhood pubs and their pub food . It's best to just look in one of the surrounding streets - you will always find it.

A pub can not be compared to the typical German smoker corner bars. A pub is a social meeting place and a contact point for the neighborhood. Old and young people sit together here, drink a beer from the usually incredibly large offer, chat, listen to music and have a good time. Smoking is outside.

For the evening we chose the Kilderkin , a few streets away from our apartment. Here is amazingly good pizza in many exciting variations on the menu. The insider tip : Every Monday at the Kilderkin, every pizza for a beer costs just £ 1. So if you happen to be in the area, do not go! 67 Canongate, Edinburgh EH8 8BT, kilderkin.co.uk

Is there anything better than a good bar - just a few meters from your own door? Under no circumstance! After walking past the 24 Royal Terrace on the way to the city a couple of times and found it very exciting, we finally made it on the last night for a nightcap.

The 24 Royal Terrace is actually a hotel.The decor is colorful and very unusual. We felt extremely comfortable right from the start. And after two very well mixed martinis much better. On the comfortable little chair, it can be wonderful to endure some time. And so we had to take a drink to the alcohol then necessarily (ächem). The bar-food with fish wrapped in crispy potato spirals of lime cress sauce and braised shoulder of lamb in filo pastry with pea and mint dip proved to be very good.

Very, very tired, satisfied and in the best of spirits, we returned for the last time to our great basement apartment in the stately Royal Terrace. The next morning we should go back to Hamburg very early with Easyjet.

Thank you, Edinburgh for these two exciting, stimulating, eventful, delicious days! You're definitely one of my favorite city highlights and I'll be back soon.