The Role of an Office Admin at a London Nigerian Restaurant: Responsibilities and Operating Hours Explained

Working as an Office Admin in a London Nigerian restaurant can be a rewarding and enriching experience. This role is crucial to the smooth operation of the restaurant, ensuring that all administrative tasks are handled efficiently. The responsibilities of an Office Admin in such a setting are diverse, ranging from managing reservations to handling customer complaints. As for operating hours, they may not necessarily coincide with the restaurant’s opening hours. Let’s delve deeper into the role and responsibilities of an Office Admin at a London Nigerian restaurant.

Responsibilities of an Office Admin

An Office Admin in a London Nigerian restaurant has a wide range of responsibilities. These tasks are essential for the smooth running of the restaurant and ensuring customer satisfaction.

  • Managing Reservations: One of the primary responsibilities of an Office Admin is to manage reservations. This involves taking calls from customers, booking tables, and ensuring that the seating arrangement is well-organized.
  • Handling Customer Complaints: The Office Admin is often the first point of contact for any customer complaints. They are responsible for addressing these issues promptly and professionally, ensuring that the customer leaves satisfied.
  • Administrative Tasks: The Office Admin is also responsible for various administrative tasks such as managing the restaurant’s finances, maintaining records, and ordering supplies.
  • Staff Management: In some cases, the Office Admin may also be involved in staff management. This could include scheduling shifts, managing payroll, and handling any staff-related issues.

Operating Hours of an Office Admin

The operating hours of an Office Admin at a London Nigerian restaurant may not necessarily align with the restaurant’s opening hours. While the restaurant may open for lunch and dinner service, the Office Admin’s workday typically begins earlier and ends later.

  • Preparation for the Day: The Office Admin usually starts the day by preparing for the restaurant’s service. This could involve confirming reservations, organizing the seating plan, and ensuring that all supplies are in order.
  • During Service: While the restaurant is open, the Office Admin is on hand to manage any issues that may arise. This could include handling customer complaints, managing staff, and overseeing the restaurant’s operations.
  • After Service: Once the restaurant has closed for the day, the Office Admin’s work is not yet done. They may need to reconcile the day’s finances, order any necessary supplies, and prepare for the next day.

In conclusion, the role of an Office Admin at a London Nigerian restaurant is multifaceted and crucial to the restaurant’s success. The responsibilities are diverse and the operating hours extend beyond the restaurant’s opening hours, making it a challenging but rewarding role.