{Restaurants} Leche de Tigre brings Peruvian tapas to Hamburg. And really delicious.

"I take the finely sliced ​​salmon fillet with passion fruit tiger milk, sweet potato chips and cilantro and as a second course the brioche sandwich with nikkei pork belly, passion fruit tarragon mayonnaise, salsa and criolla and sweet potato chips. "Just reading the dishes from the menu makes me drool. Pretty strong even. The lovely waitress with the great red lipstick taps everything smiling into her cell phone, while I sit back and take another sip of my delicious white wine: "mixed set" for a pleasing 3.50 € per glass. Here are a few of the delicious crispy corn kernels from the Knabberschälchen - I think this is really good today!

My two friends Gäibi and Anika meanwhile order Grilled Pulpo with Chorizo, Chimichurri Marinade and ají tamarillo sauce and salmon fillet in soya rocoto tiger milk with fresh lime juice, avocado, sprouts, spring onions, algae and roasted sesame. "Do not forget the fries! They are really good! "Anika has been here before and knows her way around. So also the Crunchy Yuca Fries with Huancainasauce, Salsa Criolla and Coriander are quickly typed in.

How do we have our girls evening today and are superhappy that we can do it after weeks - or rather months? - finally managed to find a date together. Ten years ago we often met spontaneously on the phone in the evening. In our favorite pub. Or even better with a beer in hand just before. Somehow, that was not a problem at the time. With (patchwork) families, jobs, kids, hobbies, parents evenings and stuff that's not easy anymore. But today it worked YAY! Then directly a "mixed set" from the wine list.

The Leche de Tigre is our meeting place today. Anika suggested it and everyone was immediately on fire after a look at the map. The restaurant calls its menu "Peruvian Tappas" - small cold and warm plates, interpreted from the traditional Peruvian preparation of ceviche (raw fish "cooked" in spicy sauce). Leche de Tigre - tiger milk - is the decisive element. Made from a lot of lime juice, chillies and spices, the marinade cooks the fish by breaking down the ice-white in the fish. To the cold cooked fish come then different vegetables, herbs and onions. A really unbelievably delicious affair!

On the menu are traditional ceviche but also modern interpretations. There are also variants for meat lovers and vegetarians, such as Nikkei Wok Beef with Tomato, Red Onion, Chilli, Huancaina Risotto, Crunchy Potato Fries and Coriander or Cold Potato Chilli Puree with Beetroot Tartar, Avocado, Sweet Potato Chip, Olive Mayonnaise and Karate Chabi's Mayonnaise. Our food is coming, we are happy and have a great evening. Anika's tip to share the Yuca fries with the dishes is a really good idea. They are big, powerful, perfectly fried - and really full.But then a portion of fries for 2-3 people is enough, if per person 1-2 of the lighter Tappas come on the table. But the crispyNikkei pork belly in the buttery brioche sandwich burger bun is already a heavyweight and pretty full. Glad I had only a light fish before.

You should plan two of the Tappas dishes per person. Maybe a few of the Yuca fries. Bread as an accompaniment to the meal does not exist. The Tappas are on average 10, - € per plate. For two dishes and soft drinks or wine you are therefore around 30, - € per person. The menu also includes exciting drinks and cocktails that we did not try. Next time!

Conclusion: The Leche de Tigre is a very nice, modern but comfortably furnished restaurant with a great, not everyday food. The focus is on Peruvian fish dishes, but also meat lovers and vegetarians will find it. The service is fix and very friendly, the audience pleasantly mixed. From 16 - 19 o'clock it is rather empty, so that you can have a good time and eat "in peace". From 20 o'clock it will be mostly jam-packed and quite loud, hot and lively. At the bar you can only sit down for drinks. A table for eating should definitely be reserved by phone or via the Open Table. For children, the Leche de Tigre is recommended due to the food selection only limited. Not barrier-free. EC card payment is - even separated according to persons at a table - easily possible. Outdoor seating is available, depending on the weather.

Leche de Tigre
Nernstweg 32-34, 22765 Hamburg
Mo.-Sa. 18: 00-23: 00 pm
Sun. 16_23: 00 pm
Telephone: 0176 23753938
Reservations: opentable.de