Hibiscus infused raspberry secco punch with peaches and rosemary. A summer punch in a glass.

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" B oah, totally nice here, "says the man. "Absolutely nice," I say, putting my feet up. It will take a few minutes. We blink lazily in the soon setting sun. The man takes a sip from his glass. "Tasty," he says. "Absolutely delicious," I confirm. Pause. We depend. Amicably. At one of our absolute favorite spots - on our balcony above the main intersection.

Somehow this 2,875 square meter Altbaubalkon always had its own magic for us. Here we are two. Here we observe crazy people. Here we relax in the urban urban jungle. Here, I stubbornly cultivate my little table-top flowerpot garden. Here last week fluttered my first self-painted protest banner (yep!). And here, at the end of a long day, the man likes to serve me his drinks or some soggy vegetables.

A red sparkling summer punch - served practically in a glass

This time, though, I made a drink for ourselves. Our sundowner is a fancy punch - served practically in a glass (because who really has one of those great great bowling baskets at home, ne). My hibiscus-infused raspberry secco punch with peaches and rosemary sparkles red-pink in our large red wine glasses. The centerpiece is the tasty Little Red Riding Hood fruit secco with raspberry flavor. In addition a strong note comes with hibiscus tea flavored vodka. For the right summer tingling provides a shot of mineral water. The whole is rounded off with fresh peach, sparkling lime, fruity raspberries and rosemary. Fruity, but not too sweet, with a tart herb note plus fruit to spoon and with the sip of vodka but clearly an adult drink ... YAY - tastes like a summer evening!

The man strums with the ice cubes in the glass and smiles , We will prescribe ourselves. The sun has disappeared behind the roofs and is only reflected in pink-gold in the windows of the neighboring houses. Slowly, the traffic among us is calmer. "Do you remember how we used to go out on the balcony with the kid when he could not calm down at night?" The man asks pensively. "He always liked the lights of the cars so much. How old was he there? One or two? "I nod," That was so long ago ... ". The blue hour starts and I light a lantern. Oh balcony, what would we do without you?

And here comes the recipe for hibiscus infused raspberry secco punch with peaches and rosemary

Ingredients for 4 large glasses: strong>

140 ml of vodka
3 tablespoons of loose hibiscus tea (eg from the health food store)
2 limes, untreated
2 peaches and 1 bottle of fruit secco raspberry (eg of Little Red Riding Hood ), well chilled
1 bottle of mineral water with blubber, well chilled
16 large Eisw cube
4 stalks of rosemary
16 raspberries

And this is how it works:

Mix the vodka with the hibiscus leaves in a fresh food box or a glass jar and let it sit in the fridge for at least 2 hours (longer for more intense taste).Red wine glasses) and add 4 ice cubes each. Divide the peaches, remove seeds, with the lime eighth and spread on the glasses. Add 30 ml of hibiscus vodka to each jar, add 2/3 of fruit secco raspberry and 1/3 of mineral water.

Put a sprig of rosemary and 4 raspberries in each jar and leave for 2 minutes. Serve with a long spoon or cocktail piekser, out on the balcony or terrace and enjoy the summer.