Melon and carrot soup with chili foam and crunchy fennel. And 3 chic KOENIC milk frothers for you!

Contains advertising for KOENIC milk frothers

M shuffle into the kitchen, fill the espresso maker with a half-open eye and shove it onto the stove. Still somehow take a sip of milk into the frother, press buttons, take a shower.

Five minutes later, come to the kitchen, enjoy the stimulating coffee smell and feel much more alert. Pour the strong coffee into the favorite cup and spread wonderfully fluffy, warm milk froth in gentle waves on top. Take a sip ... hah, perfect! Out there, now you can come.

That sounds like a terrific start to the day? Eats too. Anyone who has ever secretly considered whether an electric Milchaufschäumer might not be quite a schnuckelige purchase ( although the kitchen cabinet is already pretty busy anyway) - here's the chance: I'll give away three schnapps milk frother for a perfect morning. And for a lot more.

Because milk foam can also be quite different. Ever thought about spicy or hot milk foam? Ha! Milk foam is e.g. also a super-sweet topping for soups and can bring a great sweet, salty or pungent Geschmacksextra. Besides, he just looks pretty pretty.

To make the proof here, I cooked for you the melon and carrot soup with chili foam and crunchy fennel. A somewhat unusual combination, but it tastes delicious and makes a lot of visuals. Do not forget: the relatives are guaranteed to be rushed back to certain seasonal festivities - as perfect fluffiness can only help one way or the other.

And if you can not imagine your coffee and soup life now without a milk frother - please:

I'm giving away 3 KOENIC Milk Frother KMF 5211 for more fluffiness in your kitchen

The KOENIC Milk Frother KMF 5211 provides hot or cold milk froth in seconds with the push of a button , He is smart in his black retro paint design. So that even perverted morning muffle slips out of hand, the milk container comes with a handy silicone cover. And so you do not have to fumble long, the milk container can be 360 ​​° arbitrarily put on the pedestal. The hot milk container can also be easily taken to the table with the finished foam - there is a matching silicone coaster. To clean, put a drop of washing-up liquid in the milk container with a little water, turn it on for a short time and you're done.

Here's what you need to know at a glance:

  • Froth milk and heat up in a few seconds with the push of a button
  • Suitable for preparing cold milk foam
  • 360 ° base for more comfort
  • Non-stick coating for quick cleaning
  • Comfort closure and automatic shut-off for safe use
  • Capacity: 190 ml for frothy milk, 400 ml for warmed milk

And so you go with and win one of 3 KOENIC Milk Frothers: Leave a comment until 4:10:17, 11:59 PM and tell me why you need more fluffiness in your kitchen. These are the conditions of participation.1 kg of 1 tbsp butter and 2 teaspoons of sugar

1 small thinly sliced ​​fennel with 1 tsp oil (optional: frying oil)

200 ml of milk
1 Thai chili pepper, halved without seeds
1 pinch of sugar and salt